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Why Brooklinen and Other DTC Darlings Swear by Post Purchase Surveys

Why Brooklinen and Other DTC Darlings Swear by Post Purchase Surveys
Be like the Big Boys with

Post Purchase Surveys are all the rage these days given targeting headwinds from iOS 14, Google’s third party cookie deprecation, and the rise of customer data platforms (CDPs) making it paramount that DTC companies adopt a customer centric data strategy. Brands know that insights directly from customers are the most valuable insight they get into increasing their ad efficiency, improving conversion rates on email and SMS outreach, and growing revenue through product expansion.‍

What Big Brands Know About Post Purchase Surveys That You Don’t

  • Collecting data from your customers is the single greatest source of truth on your brand and every visit to the order page is an opportunity to collect another data point
  • Utilizing Post Purchase Survey responses enables more niche targeting and messaging for higher ROAS in future marketing
  • Attributing spend in tough to measure channels is exponentially easier by asking customers where they heard about you
    • How much money are you throwing away due to poor attribution? Never over or under-allocate to certain channels again

Rich Fulop, Founder and CEO of Brooklinen, said it best:

“No matter what business you’re starting, [post purchase surveys are] a really really critical piece you should have.”

A Few Ways To Implement Post Purchase Surveys Like The Big Brands

  • Use survey responses from attribution surveys to target customers likely to refer your brand to others
  • Discover new products customers want from you by asking them
    • Ask a follow up question on the maximum price they’d be willing to pay
  • Optimize your site’s conversion rate by asking the customer about the ease of their experience

Want to Turn Customer Responses into Money? We did too, so we created the first Post Purchase Survey app for Merchants by Merchants. Best of all, you can get started turning the same Post Purchase Survey insights our 7 figure brand uses into more cold hard cash for free with on Shopify.