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Product Discovery + Community Building Survey Strategy

Build products your customers can't wait to buy.

What new product would you like to see us make next? post purchase survey
What new product would you like to see us make next? 

Are you trying to figure out what products you should make next? Use this survey strategy to not only get unlimited ideas of products that your customers actually want you to buy, but also build strong a strong community in the process.

This is the strategy we used to sell over $60,000 in a day with one of our product launches.

A Survey Strategy goes beyond just asking 1-off questions. Rather, it looks at the overall goal you are trying to accomplish and asks a series of questions best optimized to give you a full sight picture. 

With this Survey Strategy you'll learn:

  1. The exact products your customers want you to make
  2. What specs and price you need in order for them to buy

Survey #1 - What new product would you like to see us make next?

Here's how to configure your survey's settings:
Type: Single Response
Targeting: All Customers
Response randomization? Yes
Allow other: Yes
Klaviyo Integration? Yes

What new product would you like to see us make next? post purchase survey
What new product would you like to see us make next?

Follow Up Question Options:

These are a few options you can use to figure out the specs, features and price that will affect your customer's buying decision on launch day.

Here's how to configure your survey's settings:
Type: Open Ended

  1. What price would you be willing to spend?
    a. Straight and to the point. This is super helpful for determing cost targets when developing the prototype.
  2. What would make this an absolute no brainer purchase for you?
    a. Customers will tell you the specs and features they want. A lot of times they will also let you know the price they are willing to spend.

For even more detail on this strategy which covers the Klaviyo integration as well, check out our Post Purchase Survey Questions Ultimate Guide.

Next Steps:

Congrats, you've just automated market research! You now know exactly what products your customers want to buy, what specs and features you need to add and the price target you should hit.

You can then create a custom audience in Klaviyo based on who answered the survey. Email them behind the scenes info as you develop the product and you'll have a super engaged audience of customers ready to buy come launch day!

Can I add more questions?

Of course! Our Survey Strategy was developed through testing in our own mid-7 figure store. However, every store is unique and we encourage surveys being tweaked to best match your brand's needs.

Is it really free?

Yes! The Easy Post Purchase Survey Shopify App is free for 100 orders per month. You won't be automatically upgraded and your order limit resets every 30 days. Plus, we don't inject our branding onto your surveys. Even on the free plan :)

Where will people answer this survey?

This Survey Strategy will show on the Thank You page of your Shopify store. By surveying customers, you get insights

Do people really answer these surveys?

You'd be surprised! Our customers see an average of 50%+ response rates on their surveys. When was the last time you got 50%+ of your customers to do anything?!

Your turn:

Get started with Easy Post Purchase Surveys for free on Shopify.