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Klaviyo Series: Growing Revenue Through Better Segments with Surveys

Increasing Revenue and Decreasing CAC with & Klaviyo

Klaviyo Series: Growing Revenue Through Better Segments with Surveys

Increasing Revenue and Decreasing CAC with & Klaviyo

Today we'll learn:

  • How to make more money via a & Klaviyo flow that targets customers with a high likelihood to share your brand with friends and family
  • How to niche down Klaviyo segments using Surveys from with messaging that leads to higher conversion rate and new low-CAC customers

If you do not have you can download it below:

Before we start, let's connect to our Klaviyo account by adding our API keys. The instructions to this are in our the app:

Post Purchase Survey klaviyo integration page
Setting up our Klaviyo integration in the app

First, let's create a survey by pressing Create New Survey on the Survey Page on then first selecting a Single Response Survey then selecting the Marketing Attribution Template. A marketing attribution survey will let you know where your customers heard about your brand, providing you valuable data in measuring ROAS in the post iOS 14 world and attributing tough to measure traffic sources.

Post Purchase Survey all active surveys view
Click the "Add New Survey" button to create a new survey survey template page
Select the "Single Response Survey" option single response template page
Select the"Marketing Attribution Survey" template option

Next, we see the survey builder. We can delete response options for channels we do not advertise in or add options. Once, we've configured our response options for our store we press the "Create New Survey" button. Tip: It's usually best to offer a "dummy" option that you don't advertise in to filter out spam responses

The survey editor 1 of 2: title and response options
The survey editor 2 of 2:

This takes us back to the survey page. To turn the survey on, move the slider to the "On" position and your survey is running!

Turning the survey we created On

This is what it looks like to customers in my store:

Customer view of the survey

Notice how the button matches my store's theme colors. Very cool!

Next, let's hop over to Klaviyo. First, if we go to a specific customer profile in Klaviyo, we can see all their survey responses.

Customer profile in Klaviyo shows their survey responses in real time

The focus of today though is to make more money. We know that customers who have heard about the brand from friends and family are likely to share a good experience with other friends in family. We want to encourage and incentive more referrals as they 1) drive more revenue and 2) referrals are one of the cheapest ways to acquire customers. To do this, let's set up a Klaviyo Segment for users who answered our "Where did you hear about us?" survey with "Friends and Family"

Create a new List/Segment in Klaviyo
Select Segment

I named my Segment "Friends and Family - Respondents." To work with the survey responses from, we need to select the "Properties about someone" condition.

Selecting the "Properties about someone" condition

For the dimension, we will select the name of our Survey. For me this is "Where did you hear about us?"

Selecting our survey in Klaviyo segment builder

Next, to select on the "Friends and Family" responses to this survey we set the Type to "List" and use the "Contains" value. Klaviyo makes it easy to select the survey response we're targeting as you can see below:

Selecting the "Friends and Family" response for building our segment

We then press "Create Segment" to create the segment.

Now that we've created this segment, let's set up a flow. I've set up a flow below that sends an email to the customer 10 days after their order with a 20% off promo code if they refer others to the brand.

The beauty of using to segment customers in Klaviyo is the ability to target messaging for specific niches easily. Better messaging leads to higher conversion rates, leading to more revenue. This is just one example of the power of and Klaviyo. Stay tuned to our blog and video series to see a myriad of examples on how can turbocharge growth for your store.

What insights will you discover about your customers and money you're leaving on the table? Use our always free tier today to turn your growth engine up a notch