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Getting the most out our Klaviyo Integration

When the Klaviyo integration is activated, survey data will automatically start being associated with that user's profile inside of Klaviyo.

To view this information, search the user's email address in Klaviyo and then scroll down to the "Information" section. Survey responses will be available under "custom properties."

How survey types are displayed (from top to bottom): Short answer, open ended, multi-reponse

Creating Segments Based on Survey Replies

Once you have survey data in your Klaviyo account, you can create custom automations based on the replies.

Navigate to List & Segments > Create List / Segment > Segment

Name your segment and then select "Properties about someone" from the dropdown.

All the surveys you've created will show up. Select the survey you want to use.

Then select the response you want to create a segment around.

If instead you want to create a segment based on people who have answered a survey, use the "is set" setting. This is useful when using an open ended survey and replies can vary greatly.

Creating Flows Based on Your Custom Segments

Once your segment is created, you can create a Flow.

Navigate to Flows > Create Flow > Create From Scratch. Under the "Trigger setup", select "Segment".

From there, select the segment you just created.

Now you're able to built out entire automations targeting users specifically based on the the survey they completed!