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What is

PostPurchaseSurvey started as a private project in our own stores. We were frustrated by Shopify apps started by developers who didn't fully understand the unique problems we faced as merchants. Fast site speed, no app bloat and reliable performance aren't nice-to-haves, they are mandatory and non-negotiable. When millions of dollars run through your store a year, app performance issues can be disastrous.

So we built a custom solution initially intended just for us and recently made it public. Uniquely made for merchants, by merchants. Backed by support who understands the problems you're facing (because we face them ourselves).

Why This Blog?

The goal of this blog is to help share some of the things we've learned over the past 6 years building STNGR, our 7-figure tactical eCommerce brand. Everything from marketing tactics like how to build an effective influencer and affiliate program to where we think the industry is headed in a cookieless post iOS14 world.  

We're also going to dive into software, Shopify Apps and of course Post Purchase Surveys. is the go to source for all things Post Purchase Surveys. If you have any content ideas you'd like to see us cover, send us a message.  

Who Are We? was created Philip Pages, Founder of DTC eCommerce brand STNGR. His background in both eCommerce and software gave him a unique perspective, so he first built what he needed for his own brand and then made it public.

To learn more about go to our website or download the app for free today!